The Matrix Minute is a podcast hosted by brothers Phil and Jake Dragash, and cousin Timo Majerski. In the same vein of the original minute-by-minute podcast The Star Wars Minute, this show delves into a movie — in this case the 1999 film, The Matrix, with the guys sharing their reactions, thoughts, and possibly trivia, too.

This isn’t something terribly serious, so we hope to stay relaxed and just talk about one of our favorite movies. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for dropping by.

Tune in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a new epsiode.

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  • Phil Dragash is a graduate of Compass College of Cinematic Arts, and filmmaker and artist with a tendency to talk about trivia and thinks "The Matrix" is one of his favoritest movies in the whole wide world. Also made an engaging audiobook many people liked which we won't talk about.


  • Timo Majerski works as a programmer by day, and spends the rest of his time writing/producing music, shooting videos or taking photographs while exploring the world with his lovely wife.


  • Jake Dragash enjoys writing and playing music, currently studies philosophy at the University of Zagreb, and is generally figuring things out.